The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Wiki

This Wiki is a coordination and information sharing resource for the growing community of researchers interested in the integration of AI and Robotics.

Why this Wiki space

The fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics were strongly connected in the early days of AI, but became mostly disconnected later on. While there are several attempts at tackling issues from both elds together, these attempts remain isolated points in a landscape whose overall structure and extent is not clear. The need for a closer integration between AI and Robotics has been increasingly recognized by many researchers, and it led to the organization of a founding meeting in Örebro, Sweden, in December 2012. The creation of this Wiki space is an outcome of that meeting.

How to contribute

You are most welcome to edit this Wiki and contribute your ideas. Before you do so, however, please make sure that you read the "guidelines" contained in the section which you want to edit. These guidelines are there to ensure that this Wiki will be as relevant and as usable as possible, and hence to ultimately make it a really useful resource. Once you are ready to edit these pages, click on the "Show Wiki Controls" icon on the top right to enable the editing commands.

What is in this Wiki space

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